Ten foods to avoid on a first date

21 Dec

Ten food to avoid on a first date - Spaghetti
1) Spaghetti Yummy yes, but also with the unfortunate propensity to whip sauce all around your mush. Unless you’re sure you can re-create that scene in Lady and the Tramp, steer clear.

2) Edamame beans A date once ordered these and I didn’t realise you had to remove the hard outer shell before eating. Cue me chewing for an absolute eternity before excusing myself to go to the bathroom and empty my mouth.

3) Garlic bread Garlic breath = bad.

4) Vindaloo Ditto curry breath. Not to mention potential curry-bum the next day if you end up staying over…

5) Sea bream (or any bony fish) I once ordered this in a posh restaurant on a first date, and spent the rest of the evening trying to look interested in what my beau was saying while picking fish bones out from between my teeth. Not a good look.

6) A sharing platter …to scoff the whole lot yourself.

7) Veal A controversial option for some (due to the issue of veal crates and other farming industry practices). Unless you know where your date stands on the slaughter of baby cows, this menu choice might be a tough one to swallow.

8) Chipirones en su tinta (Squid in its ink) The ink is supposed to intensify the flavour, but have you seen what the stuff does to your teeth?

9) Soup JNVS (Just Not Very Sexy)

10) Salad You want him to think you’ve got some personality, dontcha?

(Image via Flickr courtesy of gotosira)


One Response to “Ten foods to avoid on a first date”

  1. lovefromitaly September 19, 2012 at 11:07 am #

    Hiya, I’ve replied to your pingback – I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts! This post made me lol – especially the bit about the platter (I am an utter pig when I see platters) and the one about the salad… my other half cannot STAND it when girls sit and pick at a salad at dinner!

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